Education Sponsorship

Tameson sponsors projects where electromechanical valve technology is applied in an educative, useful or simply fun way. On this page you will find several examples that we have been proud to sponsor and help.

Mercy Ships

The ship Africa Mercy

The Africa Mercy at sea

Mercy Ships helps people in the poorest developing countries by giving free access to medical care. The international aid organization is active since 1978 and operates through a floating hospital, called the Africa Mercy. This ship is used since 2007. The Africa Mercy is approximately 10 months a year in a West African developing country to have maximum impact there.

On board are hundreds of volunteers, including surgeons, nurses and doctors to treat serious diseases. Ashore, training is given in the fields of health and agriculture.

Tameson has donated a few solenoid valves that are used in the engine room of the ship to start the engine.

Team Eindmaas (University of Applied Sciences Rotterdam)

team eindmaas in waterconstructie boot team eindmaasboot in maas

Team EindMaas of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences is one of the teams taking part in the sixth edition of project 'Zeeslag' (=Battleship). This project aims to make young talented people think about autonomous and emission-free boating. Two student teams compete against each other to remove plastic waste from the water. For this purpose, the students designed and built these ships are built on scale. These ships are remote controlled and the steering of the ship of Team Eindmaas is done using electric ball valves of Tameson. The teams are composed of students of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science.

Tractorpulling RET-innovation

Tameson has sponsored high-pressure solenoid valves for the fuel injection system of the tractor pulling team 'Woody Woodpecker' from the Netherlands. More information about the tractor and the team can be found on the website of the team:

Structural Ice (Eindhoven University of Technology)

Structural Ice sponsorship

Structural Ice is a research group from Eindhoven University of Technology focusing on composite ice materials and ice constructions. The largest ice dome and biggest ice tower in the world were build in previous years. This year the team builds the first printed grid shell dome in the world in Harbin, China. Tameson has sponsored a student project with several automated ball valves that are used in the ice generating equipment.